Disabling debug symbols for one source file (or function)?

  • Is there a way to disable debug symbols from being generated for a particular function or source file?

    Here’s the deal: I’ve got a custom Assert() function that throws an exception on failure. Works fine. I would just like it if, on failure, Xcode initially selected the stack frame of the caller of Assert(). Instead it always goes to the implementation of Assert() itself, and then I have to click the next stack frame down to see what assertion actually failed.

    (I know, boo hoo. First-world problem. But it nags at me.)

    I know Xcode is showing the Assert function because it’s the top frame in the stack that has symbolic info and source code available. So if I were to disable the symbols (or just the reference to the source), Xcode would go one frame further, which is what I want. I just don’t know what magic compiler flag or pragma would do this…

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