Custom Test Rigs in Xcode 4.6.2

  • I’m trying to write a custom unit test that launches my app and tests it
    with Calabash. Everything seems to be working pretty well so far, but the
    pièce de résistance is going to be hitting ⌘U in Xcode and running my logic
    tests, then my UI tests with Calabash. To do this, my plan is to make a
    simple CalabashRunner utility that will serve as the test rig for my tests,
    launching the cucumber utility to run my tests.

    Unfortunately, as reported originally in rdar://13316747, it looks like
    Xcode 4.6 disregards the TEST_RIG setting. What’s more, if I change
    the WRAPPER_EXTENSION setting from “octest,” Xcode crashes immediately on
    testing. It looks like the crash is due to a RunnableDisplayName being nil
    (crash log attached).

    Is there a currently-supported way for me to run an arbitrary binary as a
    unit test? I’m so close to my ideal testing setup, I can taste it. I can
    sort of achieve this now by running my UI tests in a build script, but that
    simply fails the build if the tests fail.

    Bonus question: assuming we get this part working, is there a resource to
    see what output format Xcode expects from a unit test so I can get pretty
    green checkboxes when my scenarios pass?

    Jeff Kelley
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