bug reporter not working for a month

  • .. tried the Cocoa list, see if anyone here has any suggestions.

    I haven't been able to access bugreporter for a close to a month, I just get a very unhelpful error page asking me to report it to <devbugs...>. I have, and I've done the same thing through the developer center (which promises me a 1 business day reply) and not a word in over a week. I currently have one bug Apple is awaiting feedback on and I can't even get to it.

    I've tried every machine, browser, internet connection and device I have access to, no go, error every time. I've seen in the past people report that their accounts got into a similar state, how did you get out of it again? I'd file a DTS on it out of pure desperation but I suspect it would be kicked back again.

    Anyone know how to get this fixed?
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