Xcode crashes repeatedly opening an old project

  • I have an old Xcode project that I created when I was running Mac OS X
    10.5, or thereabouts. I saved it in a git repository.

    Now I'm trying to look at this old project using the latest Xcode 4.6.2.
    I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.3.

    Xcode displays the following error message, tells me it has fixed the error
    and instructs me to perform a Save:

    The box with object ID 49 was configured as a separator line, but had a
    subview with the object ID 50. The view has been moved to the top level of
    the document.

    Before I have a chance to do the Save, Xcode dies.

    I have deleted the DerivedData folder. I have reinstalled Xcode. I'm still
    getting the same error.

    Is there some other files or folders I can deleted to allow Xcode to open
    the project? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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