App slowed down going from Xcode 3.2.6 to 4.2

  • Hi all,

    I've finally bitten the bullet and started learning Cocoa so I can port my
    primary product (a mostly OpenGL display tool) from Carbon into this

    To begin this process, I've installed Xcode 4.2 (we are limited to 10.6
    here) alongside my trusty Xcode 3.2.6, imported my application's project,
    tweaked a few settings, and now it compiles and runs (as a Carbon app, of

    However, it is dog slow compared to the same app compiled in Xcode 3.
    I've tried changing compilers and SSE settings (my app relies on SSE2),
    with no improvement.  Specifically, the app does most of the GL on the
    main thread, which appears to be just as fast as before.  But it spawns
    multiple secondary threads (pthread_create) to load and compress (via
    libsquish) texture data, then uses a shared secondary context to upload it
    to GL "live".  This texture loading process appears to be far slower than
    before.  This code runs fast on three other operating systems, so I'm
    inclined to think it's not the code that's faulty.

    So before I drag out time consuming diagnostic tools, is there something
    about Xcode 4.2 I didn't notice?  Some obscure compiler setting?  Perhaps
    it doesn't like pthreads anymore?



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