ANNOUNCE: Renaissance 0.8.0

  • I forward this mail posted originally to <discuss-gnustep...>
    because it should be of interest for people looking for a way of
    designing an autolayouted interface or an interface described in a
    portable XML format. Renaissance is released under the Lesser GPL
    (short LGPL, see: ) allowing to use it in closed
    source and commercial applications. For questions please mail to Nicola
    Pero (nicola (at) brainstorm dot co dot uk) the creator of this
    software. He's not subscribed to this list.

    forwarded message:

    Von: Nicola Pero <nicola...>
    Datum: Sa, 29. Nov 2003  03:29:54 Europe/Berlin
    An: <discuss-gnustep...>
    Betreff: ANNOUNCE: Renaissance 0.8.0

    I am very excited to announce the 0.8.0 release of Renaissance.  You can
    find it at -

    (NB: yes, I spent a day redesigning the web site).

    * What is Renaissance ?

    GNUstep Renaissance is free software (GNU LGPL), and part of the GNUstep
    project.  It is a development framework which runs on top of the GNUstep
    libraries.  It also works on top of the Apple OSX Cocoa libraries,
    providing an opaque layer to write portable applications.

    In short, GNUstep Renaissance allows you to describe your user
    (that is, the windows in your application, and the buttons, boxes,
    textfields, etc in the windows) in simple and intuitive XML files, using
    an open, standard format describing the logic of the interface. GNUstep
    Renaissance can then, at run time, generate the user interfaces (using
    native host OpenStep-like libraries) by reading the XML files. The
    connections between the objects created from the XML files, and the
    objects in the application are done via outlets (as traditionally in
    OpenStep); a new quick and intuitive syntax has been developed to make
    creating outlets as easy as possible.

    You find more information on Renaissance at

    * What is new in this release ?

    This release includes quite a lot of improvements.  New tags were added
    <splitView>, <secureTextField>, <browser>, <tableView>, <tableColumn>
    <outlineView> tags; with those tags, almost all standard widgets and
    controls should be available in Renaissance.  Some existing tags have
    enhanced; memory leaks have been fixed; the connectors code was
    reorganized, and GSMarkupApplicationMain() was added.  There are also
    examples and other minor enhancements.

    * Authors

    Renaissance was written by Nicola Pero <n.pero...>.

    Special thanks for helping with this release to Pete French, David
    Rodolfo W. Zitellini, David Ayers, and to everyone else having reported
    bugs and suggested improvements.

    * Feeback

    Nicola Pero (<n.pero...>, <nicola...>) will be
    happy to hear your comments, suggestions, problems, bug reports, and
    whenever he can!

    * What's going to happen in next releases ?

    We need more documentation.  We need the support for fixed subview
    to be finished and tested.  And we need a GUI builder!

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