ANN: 1.0.0pre3 / Pantomime 1.0.1

  • Hi,

    After weeks of efforts, I'm glad to announce the release
    of 1.0.0pre3 and Pantomime 1.0.1.

    Here's a list of what changed since the last release of

    - now able to specify a source for the signature (from
      a file or an external program) ;
    - it's now possible to move and copy messages between
      mailboxes (copy was added) ;
    - added support for smart attachment placement ;
    - now able to Compact mailboxes (permanently remove
      deleted messages) when the user wants to or when
      closing a mailbox ;
    - support of HTML mails under GNUstep (by stripping
      HTML codes) ;
    - now able to select which font is used for the headers
      and for the content of the message ;
    - added bundles support for extending the functionality
      of w/o recompiling the application. A simple
      "Clock" bundle is provided as an example ;
    - reworked some parts of the UI to increase the usability
      of the application ;
    - added the support for the Drafts folder (to save un-sent
      messages) ;
    - added messages sorting support (by date, subject, size,
      number, etc.) ;
    - fixed bugs and improved the performance.

    You can download 1.0.0pre3 here:

    You can also see a screenshot for 1.0.0pre3
    running under GNUstep here:

    and under Mac OS X here:

    Here's a list of what changed since the last release of

    - added support for four new charsets: koi8-r, kio8-u
      windows-1251 and windows-1252 ;
    - added comparisons support to the Message class ;
    - added a fast caching mechanism for local mboxes ;
    - rewrote the reply method in the Message class ;
    - refactored some methods, fixed bugs and improved
      the performance.

    You can download Pantomime 1.0.1 here:

    This release should work well with GNUstep and
    with Apple Mac OS X. There's still some minor issues on OS X
    since it hasn't been as tested as the GNUstep version (my
    primary development/target platform being GNUstep). I would
    like to seek for contributions for the OS X port in order to
    improve the overall quality of on this platform.

    For GNUstep, have been tested with
    GNUstep GUI/XGPS 0.7.5 and also the CVS version of GNUstep.

    A MacOS X binary should be available in a couple of hours
    from the website.

    I would like to thank the following people who greatly
    helped me getting this release done by sending me
    patches, suggestions and bug reports:

    Luis Garcia Alanis, Dale Amon, Martin Brecher,
    Erik Dalen, Alexey I. Froloff, Francis Lachapelle,
    Alexander Malmberg, Stephane Peron, Quique, Vincent Ricard,
    Nicolas Roard, Bert Schellekens, Abhijit Menon-Sen
    and particularly Pierre-Yves Rivaille.

    Again, feature requests, patches, bug reports are
    all welcome!

    Thanks a lot,

    Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
    Learn as if you were to live forever.
    - Gandhi
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