[ANN] Objective-SQL (Jan 23rd 2003)

  • What is MObjectiveSQL

    MObjectiveSQL is a simple set of classes that provide high-level,
    flexible SQL database storing and retrieval services.

    In short, it makes any Objective-C class derived from MObjectiveSQL a
    SQL table that's automatically handled in a SQL database.

    New features:

    - Reorganization of the source code
    - Transport-neutral architecture
    - High-level classes for even simpler setup and operation
    - Sample code!

    Bulk of the features:

    - Derived classes are automatically exported as SQL tables
    - Search functions returning NSArray* of your class instances from
    SQL table;
      + Single specific object (first match)
      + Array of objects that match criteria
      + Object ranges
    - Object proxy ID generation and retrieval through NSString category
      (aka, fully relational cross-table references)
    - Per-class (aka, per table) object cache
    - Hassle-free, complete no-download distribution (all you need is
    - Global, per-table manual object cache

    The Objective-SQL package is, regardless of it's smallness, is a solid
    package. I am using it successfully as part of a much larger project.


    You can obtain the original archive at this address:


    You can reach me directly at


    for questions, comments or else.

    Version history

    January 23th 2003

    In the previous release, I has totally messed up the sample code and
    the transport mechanism.

    The database was trying to access the SQL transport before this one had
    had chance to initialise. I have changed a couple of things, and
    SampleDB's initSampleDB: method shows the proper way to initialize the

    I have fixed this, and now the package works as it should.

    Additional notes

    I've started working on the documentation. You wont see much in this
    release, but comprehensive documentation is on the way. I'm also still
    trying to get passed Mac OS X's SSH-based CVS whoes. As soon as this is
    done, the project will be available directly off SourceForge.

    Martin-Gilles Lavoie
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