UIRefreshControl show when refreshing?

  • I have a table view controller that calls -beginRefreshing in -viewWillAppear. It has been displaying the spinning control as the sheet (it's in a modal sheet on iPad) slides into view. At about the same time the first (and only) row gets populated, the table view hides the spinner by scrolling up a little. If I pull it down, I can see it's still spinning up there.

    I've rearranged how the table data is stored, but I haven't changed the way the refresh control is called. But now, it never seems to show that spinner.

    To reiterate, in both before and after, the refresh control is programmatically started by calling -beginRefreshing. But only in the before case does it ever show without user intervention.

    I'd like it to show until at least the first row is populated, so the user doesn't wonder why nothing is happening when the table is first displayed. It can either hide when something happens in the table view, or it can show until I call -endRefreshing.

    Is there any way to show it programmatically when I call -beginRefreshing?


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