NSOutlineView View-based Layout issue

  • Outline View on right has a text field followed by a button near the right
    edge.  Button strut is set on right.  Initial layout is ok.  Once any row is
    expanded, buttons get pushed to the right by row indentation.  The only way
    to get it right is to expand width of containing window, then resize back to
    original.  We do (in an NSOutlineView subclass) intercept the row expansion
    to reload data, which is necessary to re-compute line numbers in left
    column.  This appears to be a framework bug, which we plan to file.  This is
    quite disconcerting because we hope to also use this same view in a
    non-resizable panel of another view. Since we are reloading data anyway, is
    there any way to force a re-layout of the table views, which apparently does
    happen when the window is resized?
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