NSOutlineView Storing/Restoring Disclosure Paths

  • We have a hierarchy, displayed in an NSOutlineView.  We also allow the user
    to specify the root at any of the top two levels.  When moving the root down
    the tree, if there is no selection, the new root is the first element of the
    top-level tree. If rows are selected, we use the first index path to
    determine the new root.  Going back up, we load the higher-level root and
    select the item that we moved up from.  This all works. However, it would be
    nice if we had a couple of additional disclosure options available.  One
    option would be to keep selected paths selected and disclosed when moving
    between root levels.  Another option would be to keep ALL relevant
    disclosures disclosed when changing root levels.  Is there any way to do

    There appears to be a means  (a check box in IB) to save disclosure paths
    for restoration when reopening a document.  So that info must be available
    somewhere, although apparently not available to the developer.  Other than
    building a storable disclosure tree and using it (appropriately modified) to
    (laboriously)  re-disclose paths, is there a better way?
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