IOI2CSendRequest problem

  • Hello,

      I hope that here is correct place to ask about IOKit.

      I have faced problem with IOI2CSendRequest function from

    Apple example for fetching EDID from display (using of oxA0 and oxA1
    addresses) works fine.
    But when i'm trying to use 0x6e/0x6F addresses - can't receive response
    from display.
    If i send write command to display, like set brightness, i see that it
    is applied on display. But when i send command for fetching something -
    it is not works.
    The commands itself is correct because same things works in Windows

    Part of code and a little more info here:

    Is there is any known issues in i2c communication with display?
    Maybe request structure filled wrong?

    Will be great to hear even guesses.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Vitaly Bondar
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