Profound UITableView rendering-performance problem, but only at certain positions? No, not resolved.

  • Actually, I spoke too soon.  This problem continues to occur, but the
    critical position of the partial row at the top varies with the table's row
    height.  And it's not even always the bottom portion; sometimes if the last
    row in the previous section is cut off in a middle region, rendering will
    degrade to unusable.  Move the thing up or down a bit, and rendering
    performance returns to normal.

    So there really is some bad math going on in UITableView, but I have no
    idea what the numerical relationship is between row height and the zone
    that triggers the rendering problem.  I had to print out the tableview's
    scroll offset and then hard-code a workaround into my app.  If the top row
    sits in the danger zone, I scroll it up off the screen.
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