Cocoaheads Lake Forest meets tomorrow (Wednesday) night - continuing a reading group on Matt Neuburg's Programming iOS 5, 2nd edition

  • CocoaHeads Lake Forest will be meeting on the second Wednesday of the
    month.  We will be meeting at the Orange County Public Library (El Toro)
    community room, 24672 Raymond Way, Lake Forest, CA 92630

    Please join us from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday, 6/13.

    Matt Neuburg's Programming iOS 5, second edition came out a month ago.
    This month, we will be discussing the first section on objective C, iOS
    idioms, and essentials of iOS development.

    For next month, we expect to move on to the second section on app

    Matt and O'Reilly provided a number of paper copies last month, and
    supplied a second round of copies this month for those who want to join in.
    It is not to late to be a part of it  Thanks, Matt, Gretchen, Sarah,
    Brian, and the rest of the people at O'Reilly.

    Bring laptops, code, discussion topics, etc.  Also, if you are familiar
    with the new edition, we would love to hear your thoughts.

    As always, details can be found on the cocoaheads web site at

    (Personal note: Google Irvine is hiring for a number of positions.  One of
    them is on my team, working in both Javascript and Java on the Google
    Analytics management front end - drop me a line off list if you are
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