Best Practice for laying out images for printing in a WYSIWYG Mac app?

  • Hi,

    I'm in the concept phase of a Mac application that should let the user
    easily select and layout images for printing. It's a document-based
    app and a document can have multiple pages with lots of pictures in
    different sizes and rotations on it. The UI would kind of be like the
    UI of

    Those pictures can possibly be large hi-res images. The user should
    also be able to print them in the best quality that the images offer.

    I have re-watched some WWDC sessions about Quartz, 2D drawing
    optimization and NSView.

    I know that there are a few different ways of accomplishing what I
    want to do, namely:

    Use a custom view for a "page" and draw the images in drawRect: with
    Core Graphics/Quartz. Use CG transforms to rotate and scale images.

    Also use a custom view for a "page", but use NSImageView-subviews to
    display the images. Use Core Animation and layer transforms to
    scale/rotate images.

    What is the best practice for this? Drawing with Core Graphics or
    using NSViews? Or using CALayers? Why?

    I have received some input to my StackOverflow question already as

    Thank you so much!


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