dragging from view based table view

  • This weekend I switched from a cell-based table view to a view-based
    table view  (OS X) . It is a one column table, and I use two static
    text items in each cell to display some info, bound to my
    NSArrayController.  So far so good, I subclassed NSTableCellView and
    can modify the appearance of the text in the cell.

    However, I noticed that dragging cells from the table is not working
    anymore (it did work with the cell based table view). I call
    registerForDraggedTypes for my tableview, and implemented

    I found the TableViewPlayground sample code, and it says there: "using
    custom NSTableRowView instances supporting the pasteboard which allows
    single cell dragging and multi-image dragging".

    Is this the way to go now, do I need to subclass NSTableRowView for
    dragging within and out of an NSTableView?

    BTW, how do I get those fancy semi-transparent table headers where the
    cells seem to be disappearing under when scrolling?

    - Koen.
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