Populating NSPopupButton from Core Data array controllers in view-based NSTableViews

  • I am using view-based NSTableView that is populated using bindings and
    array controllers with core data. Everything works as advertised by
    Apple--cells with text and buttons and cells with image and text--I can
    edit the text as well, etc. Awesome!

    However, what I can't figure out (have researched and read the manual) is
    how to populate the popup button menu. There are 2 array controllers in the
    NIB with data coming from Core Data, one for table view and one for popup
    buttons menu items.

    I have tried binding the popup menu the classic way: by binding content
    (arrangedObjects to entity Place), content values (arrangedObjects
    Place.name), and selected object (Table Cell View objectValue.places.name.

    Shouldn't all the controls should work like normal controls in view based
    tableviews? The menu is not getting populated, I get the Item 1, Item 2,
    Item 3 menu items. However, if the tableView's entity already has a
    value/relation set the value is being shown correctly.

    Any help would be super.

    Thanks, Dan
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