[Sandbox]Question on Design Guide

  • Hi,

    In Apple's App Sandbox Design Guide,  Powerbox and File System Access Outside of Your Container section,
    there's a paragraph.

    When a user of your app specifies they want to use file or a folder, Powerbox adds the associated path to your app’s sandbox. Say, for example, a user specifies they want to use a file within their ~/Documents folder by dragging the file to your app’s Dock tile. In response, Powerbox makes the ~/Documents folder, all its contents, and all its subfolders available to your app.

    Has anybody found the entire ~/Documents folder available thing working?

    I doubt if this is correct. I tested with a slightly different workflow by open the file from File Open Panel, but it only allows me access the selected file.  Is this behavior only apply for Drag and Drop? or I need some other work to get this behavior?  (I've already enabled the "com.apple.security.files.user-selected.read-write").

    App Sandbox Design Guide:

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