Problem with CoreAnimation and OpenGL drawing from a safari plugin

  • Hi All,

    I hope I am in the right mailing list. Please point me to the correct one if

    I have a Safari out of process plugin which draws some 3d content using
    CAOpenGLLayer provided by Sfari by overriding darwInCglContext().
    Inside darwInCglContext(), I draw content using opengl and call
    'glFlush'(tried CGLFlushDrawable too) multiple times to generate a
    short-living custom animation.
    But what I observed is that the flush calls are not actually updating the
    screen, because of which the custom animation is not showing the effect.
    I know I can wait for the next darwInCglContext() to be called but thats too
    late for the very short-living animation I want to achieve.

    Any idea how I can update the screen immediately after drawing content?

    J V Murthy
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