Loading a Custom View made in IB into tabViewItem(s)

  • Greetings,

    I have the following problem:

    *Set up:
    -I created a Custom View in Interface Builder that holds a number of other controls within it (text boxes, buttons, etc.)
    -I created a Controller class for that View that I connected to it via the Controller "cube" from the Library in IB
    -There is a model class that serves as a connection between an external device and the application
    -In my main application window there is a tabView without tabs at start up

    *Desired result:
    -When the application starts the user would click a button to create a new connection to an external device
    -The program would connect, create a new tabViewItem and add it to the tabView (up to now all works great)
    -Custom View should be loaded into the tabViewItem providing the device interaction interface (This is where things don't happen as desired)
    ~The reason I cannot just place the controls into the main window from the get-go is that there would be multiple devices that the user can be connected to all at once. Interactions would be all the same (since they are all same devices with different IDs).

    So, my question is - how can I get that view loading into those tabs? Should I also create a class in my project that derives from the NSView for that custom view object? If so, how would I connect/bind/? that class with the custom view I made in IB?

    I would really appreciate some help on this - I've been "googling" it & trying different approaches I could find for a couple of days now but to no avail :( The examples are mostly about creating a custom view in code and drawing lines and curves to it at run time.

    Thank you.


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