Xcode 3.2.1 and OCUnit results in selector not recognized

  • Hi all,

    I'm getting really frustrated with unit testing here - it just works so
    erradicly - unit tests are fine, then I refactor my code and update tests
    accordingly and suddenly I get selector not recognized message and some of
    the tests fail. Then I mess with code a bit, and it starts to work again
    (randomly as I can't find any pattern), then after some change again the
    same problem... Now if run the same code in app, it works!

    I googled for few days not really getting anywhere - the closest was Xcode
    3.2 issue which could be resolved by changing time zone (doesn't work...).
    The tests fail either by running the script, or by using debugger on otest.

    I've read that the problem is with tests runner which quits tests in the
    middle (I've only found this info for Xcode 3.2, so I'm not sure it still
    applies to 3.2.1) which would make sense with the error message I'm getting.
    Is there a workaround for this? Is there an alternative? I've briefly tried
    BHUnit, but first impression was it running 3x slower, so gave it up at that
    time. I also downloaded GTM, but couldn't get to the unit tests franework
    (probably should've included source files directly, however it's only a
    superset of OCUnit, so it probably suffers from the same problem, don't

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks, Tom
  • In case someone else is interested - decided to switch to BHUnit. I found
    out that it's also possible to run tests in console mode which is as fast as
    OCUnit, it's slower only in GUI mode so appologies to all involved in
    creating the framework... I'm still moving my tests over, so can't tell for
    sure, but until now it feels much more reliable than OCUnit.

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