NSBrowser redraw issues

  • Here's another NSBrowser issue ...

    I'm allowing multiple selection in my NSBrowser.

    When my NSBrowser loses focus, the multiple selected cells correctly
    change to have a grey background, but when it regains focus, only the
    last selected cell gets updated correctly to the active selection

    If I scroll the browser or switch apps, the selected cells are
    correctly redrawn.

    I've tried forcing redrawing by calling setNeedsDisplay on the matrix,
    or  -[NSMatrix drawCellAtRow:column:]  for each cell, but this seems
    to make no difference.

    Quartz Debug shows that the last selected cell is getting redrawn, but
    that the other cells never do, as though the Browser never realises
    that the cells are dirty and need redrawing too.

    Any suggestions for how to ensure that all of the selected cells
    redraw would be great ...

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