Re: inappropriate questions [tables]

  • On 26 May '08, at 5:14 AM, Sachin Kumar wrote:

    > I feel your response to this question is not appropriate and please do
    > not discourage the developers to post questions by mailing lists.
    > Your mail
    > makes the beginner to hesitate regarding further queries. I do
    > accept that
    > the question is improper, but let us make them to rewrite the
    > question in
    > detail.

    No, Andrew's reply was appropriate. The OP was asking a uselessly
    vague question, which could only be answered by writing a lengthy
    tutorial article or by spending three or four emails extracting the
    details of the situation, either of which is a waste of people's time.

    > We are here in the mailing lists to resolve their issues if possible
    > and encourage the developers but not to criticize them.

    Speak for yourself. Looking through the archives, I don't see a single
    example of you resolving anyone's issues or encouraging other
    developers. You've just been posting exactly the same kinds of
    incredibly vague questions [1] that you now describe as "improper".
    What gives you the right to lecture to someone like Andrew who's
    actually been answering people's questions[2]?

    Here's an example [3]:

    > FROM : Sachin Kumar Tulla
    > DATE : Tue Aug 28 09:33:47 2007
    > Hi all,
    > How to create HyperText in cocoa applications? if possible sample
    > code please.
    > Thanks in advance.

    That's not a question to ask a mailing list; it's a request for
    consulting services, where someone would charge you hundreds of
    dollars an hour to work out the details of what you need and design a
    solution for you. Expecting to get that sort of service from us for
    free is what's inappropriate.

    There's nothing wrong with being a newbie; I've been in that situation
    myself, and I still am sometimes when I learn a new technology. I like
    helping people, which is why I'm here, and I think the record shows
    that I give a lot of good advice.

    What really annoys me is when people who have obviously just been told
    by their boss to "go write this as a Cocoa app", instead of taking a
    week or two (or three) to learn the technology, immediately run to the
    mailing lists to teach them Cocoa programming and design their code
    for them.


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