[JOB] A little Cocoa work...

  • Hi,
    I have a bit of Cocoa work available that a someone from this list may be
    interested in. It'd be a very limited number of hours - a couple weekends
    maybe, just making some fairly straight-forward modifications to existing
    Cocoa apps to which the source and clear instructions will be provided. A
    fixed price for the work with be negotiated once the developer understands
    the scope. A general working knowledge of Objective-C and Cocoa
    with familiarity of CLI invocation, plists, user defaults should suffice,
    but a knowledge of Distributed Objects would be a nice plus. If this
    interests you please reply directly to me with a description or summary of
    your Cocoa experience, links to any apps you may have developed, and some
    comments on your near-term availability. Thanks.
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