[ANN] UKCrashReporter 0.3

  • Hi folks,

    just a short heads-up that there's a new version of UKCrashReporter out.

    UKCrashReporter is a class that checks for crash reports at startup
    and offers to send them to a CGI (PHP script or whatever) on your
    server. It does not patch anything, does not inject any code, it plays
    it safe.

    This one lets the user view the crash log before sending, like Apple's
    crash reporter, and also includes other useful information, including
    an area where your users can write what they were doing at the time of
    the crash.

    It also incorporates a simpler version of the crash reporter for use
    as a feedback form in your applications. UKCrashReporter 0.3 is
    suitable for use on Tiger and Leopard (and should actually compile
    down to 10.2, though it won't run there, it'll just do nothing).

    Get it at:


    -- Uli Kusterer
    "The Witnesses of TeachText are everywhere..."
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