How do I add a framework to XCode?

  • Hello. This is an pathetically newbie question, but I am at my wit's
    end. Despite RTM for XCode > Files in Project > Adding Frameworks, I
    cannot convince my app to compile with an added framework (the
    CalendarStore framework). I have chosen, from the XCode menu, Project
    > Add to Project. I have selected (from my /System/Library/Frameworks
    folder) the CalendarStore.Framework. I put the toolbox icon for this
    framework into the Other Frameworks folder in my project. I added the
    #import <CalendarStore/CalendarStore.h>
    to the header file for my object. Despite this, it will not compile,
    complaining "error: CalendarStore/CalendarStore.h: No such file or
    directory." (This error is reported in the .m file, immediately after
    I import the .h file.)
    I can click on the toolbox icon and view all the header files inside.
    They're all there. The (absolute) path is correct for all the headers
    when I Get Info. What have I missed? Sample Calendar program compile
    fine, though, so it's me, not my system. Thanks in advance! -Dan
  • Drag the framework to the "Link with Libraries" step in your app
    target.  If you have further, more specific trouble with Xcode itself,
    there's an xcode-users mailing list.

    --Kyle Sluder
  • great you found the answer yourself.

    i suppose you already came accross it, but of not, i found it a very
    usefull tutorial on xcode and frameworks:


    On Jan 19, 2008 6:52 PM,  <wambod01...> wrote:
    > OK, stupid oversight. I had failed to change the debug setting to the
    > 10.5 sdk. The deployment list was correct, and I didn't notice that
    > the debug parameter list differed. Kudos to "Development" for pointing
    > me in the right direction. Cheers! -Dan
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