Distributed Objects in Leopard

  • Hello There,

        I have created a client/ server application which does the job
    similar to that of apple iTunes, by using distributed object and
        On the client side , I have a thread function , which  creates an
    NSConnection instance, get the server vended object and runs the
    thread runloop
        by using call [[NSRunloop currentRunloop] run].

      Though my above scenario works well in Tiger, its throwing some
    exception in Leopard (build 9B16) says as
      *** NSDistantObject initWithCoder: 0xb not given away for conn
    *** -[NSConcretePortCoder decodeInvocation]: no local target

      I found a similar post by Guy Meyer in the link  http://
    www.cocoabuilder.com/archive/message/cocoa/2007/11/18/193398, But I
    could see  that I have written my code in a similar way.

      I am thankfull to Guy Meyer, AurĂ©lien HugelĂ© and others to know any
    fixes to this.

      As I am new to programming, kindly sorry for me if am I doing
    anything wrong in my code.

    Please let me know if more information required on this.

    Abdul Majeed K

    Robosoft Technologies - Come home to Technology

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