mountedLocalVolumePaths and fileAttributesAtPath strange behavior

  • Hi,

    I have a problem that I have some difficulties sorting out. I have a
    program where I have registered myself for
    NSWorkspaceDidMountNotification notifications from NSWorkspace. When I
    receive such a notification I check what volumes have been mounted by
    calling [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] mountedLocalVolumePaths].

    In another part of the code I am checking for whether a certain file
    is valid or not depending on certain criteria. I have done that by
    calling the LSCopyItemInfoForRef routine (preceded by FSPathMakeRef in
    order to get the FSRef for the file in question which I need for the
    LSCopyItemInfoForRef call). Now the strange thing is that after the
    call to FSPathMakeRef I get a NSWorkspaceDidMountNotification
    notification. When calling mountedLocalVolumePaths as a response to
    this notification I suddenly have two new volumes, home and net. This
    corresponds to the two folders /home and /net on the / volume. I
    cannot understand why they suddenly appear in the list of mounted
    volumes. I have also tried calling [[NSFileManager defaultManager]
    fileAttributesAtPath: instead of the combination FSPathMakeRef/
    LSCopyItemInfoForRef but this yields the same result. As soon as I
    remove these lines (either FSPathMakeRef/LSCopyItemInfoForRef or
    fileAttributesAtPath) everything works fine with no extra volumes home
    or net.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

    Best regards,

    Henrik Eliasson
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