NSDocument FSPathReplaceObject failure

  • One of our users just reported an error saving to an AFP volume (which I can also reproduce).  Console logs "NSDocument called FSPathReplaceObject() and -50 was returned" after writeSafelyToURL:... fails.  TextEdit fails to save the same (plain text) file to an AFP volume, so it's not a bug in our code.

    I'm a bit concerned that FSExchangeObjects or exchangedata might have the same problem, so I'd hate to rewrite the whole thing and still have non-functional saving.  I've thought about falling back to something like -[NSFileWrapper writeToFile:atomically:updateFilenames:] if we're running on Leopard and the save fails, but the description of NSDocument's writeSafelyToURL: logic sounds a lot more complicated than that.

    There's one other reference to an FSPathReplaceObject failure in the archives, but I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a workaround.  Oh, this was filed as rdar://problem/5679370 if anyone's interested.

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