ToolTips and 10.5 (Leopard)

  • ToolTips that used to work in Tiger no longer work in Leopard.

    I have a view with multiple subviews, created and added programmatically.  The subviews are of the same class, and they display properly, work correctly in the responder chain, nextKeyView loop, etc.  However, ToolTips for controls in those subviews (which are customized with a binding to a controller for each subview) are broken in Leopard - the wrong ToolTip frequently is shown for the wrong subview, and ToolTips for the first-added subviews are not displayed at all.  In Tiger, all is well... the ToolTips display perfectly.

    I think I've run afoul of Leopard's new NSTrackingArea methodology, and after adding subviews, I need to tell someone to "recalculate" the tool tip (cursor?) tracking regions so tool tips are properly displayed.  I thought something like NSWindow:invalidateCursorRectsForView: would do the trick, but it seems to have no effect (and is deprecated anyway, though supported).

    Any ideas?  Thanks.
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