[OT] Global Text replacement

  • I am hoping someone here can give me some knowledge on this subject. I have been asked to take a contract writing a Mac OS X application that will allow users to replace text globally while they type (Much like Text Expander). Before I accept the offer I wanted to get some information first on how this can be accomplished, and how long it may take me to do this.

    So what it will do is continually watch wherever the user types (wherever they are typing, except password field of course) and replace text and Text attributes if the user types a certain character sequence.  So if they typed say: (In Mail app)


    and the user set it up correctly, it would replace it with:
    Bye Bye for now

    The specification document I got from them, is very explicit on how things should work.

    So I have been looking and it looks like Input Managers are the way to go. But in my searching I have found so many people talk about how evil Input Managers are, or are going away in Leopard (although it sounds like that did not happen). So being that does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this with Input Managers? If yes, is there any example code anywhere which will show how to use Input Managers. If 'no' then what is the best way to accomplish this?

    I have not looked on Apples site yet, that is my next stop, but I just wanted to see if this was possible/feasible with Input Managers, or if there may be a different way to accomplish this.

    Thanks in advance,

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