Need advice on creating a Bookmark Bar View

  • I'm trying to implement something very similar Safari's bookmark bar UI.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on implementing this?
    Ideally, my bookmark bar will allow DnD to and from the bar with animated
    reording of items. also an "overflow menu" will be necessary. also, folders
    with popup menus as well as individual buttons would be nice. bindings
    support would also be nice. basically, everything safari does would be

    - Are there any existing open source kits that contain a view like this?

    - Is there anything in AppKit/Cocoa by default that would be a good starting

    - Is starting with NSCollectionView a good or bad way to implement this?
    (I've used NSCollectionview once already and it is great, but I'm wondering
    if it would work for this considering the DnD, folders and overflow)

    Thanks for any advice!

    Todd Ditchendorf
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