Merging Core Data models from plugins

  • I have a Core Data app that I would like to extend via plugin (ie
    bundles). Each plugin would contain it's own xcdatamodel file to be
    merged with the applications Data Model at startup. My app defined an
    entity called 'Shape' which is abstract. The first plugin defines an
    entity called 'Circle' with a duplicate copy of the 'Shape' entity set
    as it's parent. I have second plugin with an entity called 'Square' etc.

    Im testing with using the Core Data App template. My understanding is
    that when [mergedModelFromBundles] is called, is ignores entities of
    the same name when they're identical so what I should end up with at
    runtime is a single Data Model with 'Shape' and it's too 'child'
    entities from the plugins; Circle and Square.

    For this to be effective, the Circle and Square data models cannot
    include any other entity that 'Shape' (ie. they are independent) and I
    can get this to work with one plugin, but not two.

    If I have two plugins loaded, the app freezes at startup. I CAN get it
    work as expected if I include the entire hierarchy in the plugin
    models - that is 'Square' has a copy definition of 'Circle' and vice-
    versa, but that breaks the objective.

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I don't get any errors in the console
    and I've tried a clean and deleting the .xml store under Application
    Support. I've not been able to find any examples of this. There is no
    other code in my test app other than what is provided by the template
    and each Entity used the NSManagedObject.

    Any help appreciated!
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