The temporary directory could not be deleted.

  • I've got a document-based Core Data app.  I've had a user report a
    problem saving a document and included in the log is the following line:

    The temporary directory at "/private/var/folders/zz/zzzivhrRnAmviuee+++
    ++++++++/TemporaryItems/(A Document Being Saved By MyApp 3)" could not
    be deleted.

    When he tries to save, he just gets an error message, "The document
    “” could not be saved.", with no other information.  Using a
    debug build with extra logging, I've determined that the error is in
    the Cocoa error domain with a code of 514,
    NSFileWriteInvalidFileNameError.  The filename he's using has only
    letters in it, and I have no problem saving a file with the exact same

    I've been trying to reproduce the problem and had been unsuccessful,
    though just tonight I've had the same message about being unable to
    delete the temporary directory show up during (unrelated) testing of
    my app.  However saving worked just fine for me in spite of the
    temporary directory could not be deleted error.  Anyway, I'm a bit at
    a loss for where to start looking.  Has anyone seen this before?  I'm
    using an XML store in case it matters.  He's running 10.5.1 as am I,
    but the app is Tiger compatible.

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