cascading windows in document architecture

  • I have a small, relatively simple document based application that I
    created using Xcode 2.4 and Interface Builder 2.5.4 on a Mac running
    Tiger.  Recently, I moved it to my new iMac running Leopard.  On the
    old Mac, document windows cascade, just as expect, but on my new Mac
    running Leopard and Xcode 3.0 and Interface Builder 3.0, the document
    windows no longer cascade.

    Apple's "Window Programming Guide for Cocoa" says " If you use the
    Cocoa document architecture, you can use the NSWindowController
    setShouldCascadeWindows: method to set whether the window, when it is
    displayed, should cascade in relation to other document windows (that
    is, have a slightly offset location so that the title bars of
    previously displayed windows are still visible). The default is true,
    so typically you have no additional work to perform."  This seems no
    longer to be the case.

    I'm reasonably certain that I've not changed anything that would
    account for the difference (famous last words that I'm prepared to
    eat, if necessary).  Has anyone else noticed this behavior?  Is there
    a setting that I've missed/a fix that I can apply?

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