including files from other targets

  • Hi folks! And Happy New Year!

    I'm developing a Cocoa application that also includes a contextual
    menu item. It seemed to me that I should manage both these codebases
    in the same project, so I created a different build target for the
    CMI. I thought this was the way to go because I wanted to call a Cocoa
    class from my application using a C-style wrapper in my Carbon CMI
    code (cf. the Carbon-Cocoa Integration Guide). (So I guess my first
    question would be, is this a correct design pattern?)

    But when I #import the Cocoa controller that I created into my CMI
    file, it doesn't seem to work. The wrapper function errors out with
    the name of my controller being undeclared.

    I've looked into XCode's dependencies feature, but that doesn't seem
    to be the answer, but I wonder if there's some special way of
    #import-ing files from different build targets?

    Thanks in advance,

    Aaron Vegh, Principal
    Innoveghtive Inc.
    P: (647) 477-2690
    C: (905) 924-1220
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