QTMovieView disabled

  • Hi,
    I initiate a QTMovieView and retain it.
    I initiate a NSImageView and retain it.
    I have an NSView "displayView" in a window.
    When the user chooses a movie file, I remove the NSImageView  and add the
    QTMovieView to the displayView.
    When the user chooses an imagefile, I remove the QTMovieView and add the
    NSImageView to the displayView.
    Everything works very well.

    Now, the user wants to use these outlets in a brand new window. So he clicks
    on a button and I remove the displayView from the current window, I create a
    brand new window (same class of the original window, same delegate) and put
    the displayView into this new window.

    But now, when the user chooses a movie file, I can quite see the QTMovieView
    but it looks dimmed so I can't longer play the movie. I noted that if I
    activate a different window then I activate again this window, the
    QTMovieView gets enabled again so I can play the movie. And, if the user
    chooses an image file then again a movie file, the QTMovieView gets dimmed
    again. Why does the QTMovieView get dimmed in this new window and never in
    the original window? And why when I activate the window does the QTMovieView
    get enabled again? How to fix this trouble?

    Best Regards
    email: <archidea...>
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