NSDrawer resizing problem - no longer resizes when parent window resized

  • I've an odd problem with a drawer in my application. I'm seeing the
    behavior on Leopard, but it could have started sooner.

    It opens itself normally, and when I move the parent window around, it
    stays attached and moves as it should.

    However, when I resize the parent window, the drawer doesn't resize
    itself. It stays put.
    If I make the parent window larger, it can obscure the drawer. If I
    make the parent window smaller, the drawer is detached. It is like the
    link is completely broken on resizes.

    Closing and opening the drawer sets things right again.

    I'm a bit lost on this one. Anyone seen anything like it?

    AndyT (lordpixel - the cat who walks through walls)
    A little bigger on the inside

    (see you later space cowboy, you can't take the sky from me)
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