NSTreeNode representedObject not KVC-compliant?

  • I'm taking time over the holidays to figure out the nstree stuff along
    with outlineviews, so I have a source list in my app.  I'm doing all
    this Leopard only too, since that makes a difference.

    The source list (outlineview) has a table column bound to
    treecontroller (arrangedObjects).  The treecontroller has it's
    contentArray binding set to a mutablearray in my main object.  All
    this works just fine.  The treecontroller's selection works in
    conjunction with the outlineview's selection.

    However, I dropped in another outlineview/treecontroller, wanting to
    hook this one up to the current selection from the source list (just b/
    c I can).  This controller's contentObject is bound to the first
    controller's selection.  This should be a nstreenode.  Then the table
    column in this second outline view is bound to the second controller
    with arrangedObjects.representedObject.title.  I get the following

    Cannot remove an observer <NSKeyValueObservance 0x105cd30> for the key
    path "representedObject.title" from <_NSControllerObjectProxy
    0x10761b0>, most likely because the value for the key
    "representedObject" has changed without an appropriate KVO
    notification being sent. Check the KVO-compliance of the
    _NSControllerObjectProxy class.

    Anyone have any thoughts?  The second outline view has the right data,
    but b/c the KVC stuff isn't happening, it doesn't get updated to the
    right value until you place the focus on it.  So the error seems to be
    correct.  I'm just assuming that I'm missing a fundamental concept here.

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