Re: Trying to get my head around an NSGenericException/Apple Event error

  • <slasktrattenator...> wrote:

    > I cannot reproduce this problem myself, but I've been getting a lot
    > of bug
    > reports lately that all boils down to the same thing: an
    > NSGenericException raised by an Apple Event returning an -1708
    > error. The
    > Apple event is sent to iTunes using ScriptingBridge.
    > [...]
    > Similar exceptions are thrown for other operations as well, for
    > example when
    > retrieving user playlists, so it's not just the search part causing
    > problems.

    I would suggest narrowing down the list of possible causes by sending
    said users an AppleScript that performs the same operation as your
    ObjC code and asking them to check if it works or not. That should
    tell you if the problem lies with iTunes or with Scripting Bridge. If
    it's the former, ask for help on the AppleScript-users list, as that's
    where the most experienced application scripters tend to hang. If it's
    the latter, file a bug report and/or try another API; e.g. objc-
    appscript, AEBuildAppleEvent.

    Also ask for Mac OS and iTunes versions if you haven't already done
    so, just in case there's a pattern there.

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