parsing NSString into an array...

  • Hi all,

    i'm stuck on an urgent problem where i have a huge NSString (several
    appended strings) saved in a text file via
    writeToFile:atomatically:encoding:error  - and it works.

    but i need to also open this text file, extract all the strings, and put
    each string in a mutablearray cell - but, i'm having several issues parsing
    the string into the array from the file.
    Anyone know how to approach this ?

    thanks !!
  • > Anyone know how to approach this ?

      First, it's never a good idea to claim your problem as urgent. It's
    considered rude on technical lists to try to get special attention
    because you have a deadline. Nobody else cares about that part but you
    and it won't get you help any faster.

      Second, you need to more clearly state your problem and what you've
    tried. For example:

    - What is a "mutablearray cell"? Use the proper terminology or you're
    just wasting your breath.
    - What "several issues parsing" are you having? List them!
    - Post. Your.  Code.
    - Perhaps most importantly, what are you trying to do overall (in
    plain English, as if you were explaining it to a non-programmer) with
    the contents of this file.

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