Cocoa, Java and JavaScript (Rhino)

  • Has anyone done any experimentation with this interesting
    combination?  Sounds like you could do some Newton-like things with
    them.  Another reason Apple could reconsider their stance on Java.  At
    the very least, wanting to use the Java-based Rhino JavaScript engine
    instead of the JavaScriptKit (WebKit/Safari) library is a valid request.

    Also, I haven't had much luck using XCode projects and including
    js.jar from Rhino and getting it to work.  Granted, I haven't done all
    that much in this regard.  Any comments?

    Cocoa Java was fun while it lasted.  I'm curious if Apple has any
    statistics on how many applications were written, etc.?  Mine was
    obviously just a pet project and didn't make any $ (not my objective).

    You can find my (not all that well-written) article on Cocoa Java here:

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