Need advice on custom view

  • Hi. Carbon programmer here. I'm working on a little app that lets you
    play with FFTs. I'm building it by following the Currency Converter
    bindings tutorial.

    It consists of a window with a couple of custom views, and some
    additional controls. The top custom view shows the time-domain
    waveform, and the bottom shows the FFT of the view. The controls allow
    one to adjust the frequencies of the wave(s) in the first view, and
    adjust some sampling parameters.

    I've got my view code drawing some basic stuff, but I don't really
    know how to connect my view to the "model": A class called
    SignalGenerator which holds the various parameters (like frequency,
    etc), as well as a method that returns the value of the signal at a
    given time. The controls are intended to be bound to that model.

    How do I "properly" connect that model to my view? This is easy for me
    in Carbon, but I feel like there's only one "right" way to do it in
    Cocoa, and I don't know what that is.

    Thanks for suggestions!

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