problem with NSPopUpButtonCell subclass in NSTableView

  • i've got a subclass of NSPopUpButtonCell that i use in some of my
    tables. this is configured as a pull-down menu in IB and bound to my
    model. in my subclass, i override
    trackMouse:inRect:ofView:untilMouseUp:  in my override, i enumerate
    over the items in the menu and set the attributed title of each item.
    i set the attributes of each title to be the same font that is in use
    by the "owning" table. and then call super.

    this all works fine...  most of the time!  i've discovered that for
    some sizes of lucida grande, instead of getting the pull down window
    displaying below the table cell, instead it acts like a popup menu
    and displays on top of the table cell and with no menu items visible.
    this happens on both tiger and leopard, but for different sizes of
    lucida grande. eg, on tiger lucida grande 13 displays the problem,
    but this works fine on leopard; lucida grande 18 has the problem on
    both tiger and leopard! (this same wrong behavior happens for other
    fonts and sizes as well, but i don't have an exhaustive list.)

    can anyone suggest what might be happening? and/or how to find out
    what might be happening? and/or how to fix this?

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