NSTableView flickering on resize when in animation layer

  • Hi there,

    I was just playing around with xcode 3.0 and animation layers, and
    stumbled over something, that seems like a bug to me:

    I added an NSTableView to a window, and provided some dummy values for
    it via column binding to an NSArrayController.
    In Interface-Builder I set the Table-View to resize with the window -
    all nice and easy.
    Then, in InterfaceBuilder, I checked the contentview of the window to
    require an animation layer. The initial effect is the table view doing
    a fade-in effect on the displayed values - the problem is, that the
    effect is repeated when the view gets resized (seems like it does it
    once per setFrame call) which results in heavy flickering.

    Did I miss something, or should I file a bug on this?

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