Parsing XML with NSXMLParser

  • HI

    I have been trying to figure out how to retrieve a value in an XML
    element that contains a = in the element name part of the message, I'm
    not sure if I'm going about this the wrong but the method I'm
    currently using as served me well in the past (although the XML I have
    been working only used the = when assigning the value). I have been
    using NSXMLParser to parse the incoming XML then retrieving
    information I require from the created NSDictionary, which has all
    worked fine. However if I parse an element such as the one that follows;

    <return xsi:type="xsd:string">Success</return>

    When I dump out the created dictionary I find the following values
    have been stored;

    xsi:type - Has been stored as the key
    xsd:string - Has been stored as the value

    When ideally I would have liked,

    return - Stored as the key
    Success - Stored as the value


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