How "Connect..." to server manually in Leopard's NSOpenPanel?

  • In Tiger, when my app ran an NSOpenPanel, a user wanting a file on
    another Mac which could click through:

        Computer > Network > My Network > Other Mac

    and then there was a "Connect..." button which could be used to view
    and log in to ^any^ account as a registered user.  Now, of course,
    this was a terrible experience for new users, but only power users
    usually wanted to do this anyhow.

    In Leopard, it's wonderful.  The user clicks on the desired "SHARED"
    Mac, and then the desired Home folder.  It all "just works" ^if^ the
    user has the required password in Keychain.

    But if the user does ^not^ have a password for the desired account in
    Keychain, the NSOpenPanel will only show the Public folders.  The
    others are not even visible with a red "no access" circle.

    How can a user "manually" log in as a registered user in Leopard's
    NSOpenPanel?  Or is there some new paradigm that I'm not aware of?

    Browsing in Leopard's Finder, the same problem occurs, but the user
    can solve it by clicking "Disconnect", then "Connect As" [a different
    user], and then filling in the dialog

        Enter your user name and password to
        access the file server "XXXXXX"

        Connect as
        [ ] Guest
        [ ] Registered User

    Voila, my NSOpenPanel does get access if the user activates Finder,
    does this ^and^then^ clicks on the desired Home folder.  (It appears
    that the "Connected as: XXXXX" indication appears one click

    The ideal solution would be an API to produce theses buttons and
    dialog in NSOpenPanel.  But I cannot find any such API.  I have other
    solutions in mind but they are ugly and not suited for public discourse.

    So I hope somebody can tell me the correct solution, please.

    Jerry Krinock
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