[Job Posting] Contract Mac/Cocoa Developer

  • Slife Labs is looking to hire one or two excellent Mac/Cocoa
    developers on a contract basis for a couple of short self-contained
    projects. We need some help to get some new functionality into the
    next major version of Slife, our activity browser and productivity
    manager for the Mac.

    You should have at least one of these skills: (1) Good familiarity
    with Quartz (i.e. know your Bezier paths inside and out), (2)
    Experience with Core Animation, (3) Solid experience parsing text
    with Foundation/Cocoa (i.e. comfortable with regular expressions).

    For both of these positions, it doesn’t matter where you are located.
    But if you happen to be in the Atlanta area, that would be even
    better.  If this sounds interesting and fun, send an email to ‘jobs’
    at Slife Labs with your resume/portfolio, samples of your work, or
    anything else that makes it obvious that you are on top of your mac
    dev game. Please note that this is a contract position, *not* a full-
    time position. And please do not follow-up or reply to this list! For
    more details, check:



    Edison Thomaz
    Slife Labs, LLC
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