NSBrowser deselection problem

  • Hi,
    I am having a problem with deselecting a cell in an NSBrowser. In my
    NSBrowserCell subclass I have implemented a fix recommended by Corbin
    Dunn so that the browser:willDisplayCell:atRow:column: gets called
    before drawing so the representedObject of the cell is set properly.
    Here is the code for reference:

    - (void)drawInteriorWithFrame:(NSRect)cellFrame inView:(NSView
    *)controlView {
    if (![self isLoaded])
      NSMatrix *matrix = (NSMatrix *)controlView;
      NSBrowser *browser = [matrix browser];
      int row = 0, col = [browser columnOfMatrix:matrix];
      for (row = 0; row < [matrix numberOfRows]; row++)
      NSCell *cell = [matrix cellAtRow:row column:0];
      if (cell == self)
      [[browser delegate] browser:browser willDisplayCell:self atRow:row
      [self setLoaded:YES];
    // do the drawing

    What I am seeing at this stage is that when I deselect a cell using
    the command key and clicking it, I see the cell deselect and then
    reselect itself. When I release the mouse I get the target/action
    method, but it contains the selected cell that really should have been

    If I comment out the if (![self isLoaded]) and let the cell call the
    browser:willDisplayCell:atRow:column: delegate method everytime it is
    about to draw itself, I can see that the when I perform the
    deselection, that the browser:willDisplayCell:atRow:column: is called
    twice - the first time the [browser selectedCells] is nil which is
    correct, but then it calls it again, this time with the cell being
    selected. When I release the mouse button I then get the target/action
    method being invoked. The only place where I set a selection on the
    browser is never being called during this sequence of events so I am
    led to believe that this may be a bug in NSBrowser or the work around
    for the NSBrowserCell subclass drawing problem isn't quite right.

    Any information or pointers in the right direction are greatly

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