Customizing horizontal scroller:

  • Customizing horizontal scroller:

    I need to implement a custom "horizontal scroller" similar to the one
    in "iTunes".
    I have an outlet to my  NSScrollview in the nib .  I have then sub-
    classed NSScroller and set the scrollview's horizontal scroller to
    this custom scroller using setHorizontalScroller: method. But my
    scroller knob remains unchanged.

    The strange thing that  I have  observed is if I set the same custom
    scroller object to setVerticalScroller: it calls the drawKnob method
    but when I set it to horizontal scroller it does nothing. I do this
    in awakeFromNib method in my controller class.

    I have overridden  - (void)drawParts and - (void)drawKnob methods and
    none of these are getting called.

    I have referred to the earlier posts of apple mailing list , but
    couldn't find any solution to my problem.

    Following are the links that I had encountered :

    Have I missed anything out here?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks and Reagards
    Shashidhara Shenoy

    Robosoft Technologies - Come home to Technology

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